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H E L L O   W A S H I N G T O N 

MK and her husband have recently relocated to Washington D.C. and are loving life in the capitAl.



Meet MK...

MK Sagastume (formerly MK Johnson) is a newly Washington, D.C. based actor with a warm personality and a fierce heart. 

Originally a Georgia peach, she graduated from James Madison University in VA in 2016 and is newly married! She has recently tapped her dancing feet into the role of dance captain and is excited to develop this new passion professionally in the coming years. She loves to play her guitar, whether just unwinding at the end of a long day or coming up with a new arrangement of a song. With her dad as a keyboard player and songwriter, she has always had a great ear and a love for making music. 

MK is also passionate about fighting for justice in our world today, specifically for men and women trapped in modern day slavery. She has just completed her senior thesis at JMU which argues for the use of Dance Movement Therapy as a means of healing and restoration for survivors of human trafficking. She is a proud member and advocate for the End It Movement and the Passion 268 Generation.

Find out more at enditmovement.com